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A gent inspired by the Republic of Letters is he, educated in Holland, Heidelberg, and U.S. universities. He’s a lover of life, family, nature, and community.
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Two little hellions are kicking butt and taking names — not really. We were known as the nice quiet identical brothers.

I seen a Hollywood star angling up to the camera at 45 degrees. So, after discovering you can’t copyright posture, I faithfully replicated the pose above. I didn’t know to look at the camera in reality, or I was too shy. I was a young Mr. awkward.

We had fun. After school we would jump on slow-moving trains, hop off at the next town, and walk home for dinner. It was adventurous and we would see hobos in open…

We Could’ve Touched Them as They Maneuvered Blocking My Two Brothers and Me From Home

Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash

A true story of a constellation of large colored spheres taking control and blocking us three little boys from going home.

When and where

It was the mid-1960s in a small Pennsylvania town. I and my brother were elementary school age and playing in a field next to our house.

We lived at the edge of town in the last house on Main Street. It was the first time we had taken our one-year-old kid brother with us to play.

Heading out

We had finished our cereal and left off the back porch of our red brick home. After placing little brother in our red…

So Easy to Get Ahead AND Screwed in the End

Photo by Hernan Sanchez on Unsplash

I sleep in late.

I snooze at my desk.

I snore on the phone.

I doze off in meetings.

I am asleep on my feet.

My boss spent long hours doing my job and died of a heart attack.

I moved up.

Next boss went into the asylum after going nuts doing my work every day.

I moved up.

New boss berated my tardiness daily and left after rumors that we were having a lover’s quarrel.

I moved up.

Next boss overloaded my coworker with my work till she turned around and went postal on him.

I moved up.


Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night (Saint Rémy, June 1889) — This faithful two-dimensional reproduction of this public domain work of art is authorized as so presented. Photo on (

The Overlooked Expanse

You Are Motivational: I Love Reading Your Work

I am new to Medium. Still see myself as a novice. I have learned a lot about life since reading your stories.

Your words give me breath, lifts my spirits…

Five Steps to Radical Self-Acceptance

Photo by Marco Saponaro on Unsplash

Be yourself, the well-intended say. Why? Because authentic people are refreshing to be with.

But, if that is so, wouldn’t we be open to begin with? I mean, barring toxic people — that is another story — we should be open, present, productive, and enjoying our shared humanity.

Suppose it were only that simple. But that is not our world. A barrier to being open is the fear of rejection, which comes in many forms.

Sure, no cure-all exists to overcome this fear. But we don’t have to be ongoing victims of this phobia.

The good news is that we…

She is 1/3rd My Age and Makes More in Minutes Than I Did in a Lifetime as a Top Paid Professional

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Grandma says, “make the most of what God gave you.” Good advice. After all, she snagged grandpa.

Today, more than before, popularity can earn you big money. We see it on the internet. Kittens, puppies, babies, and chimps draw our attention to their cute, cuddly looks and charming, silly antics.

Humans grab our focus too, often for the same reasons. But, unlike snuggly critters, popular people serve as de facto role models who influence us to buy a product…

Bring Your Enthusiasm

Photo by Maksim Istomin on Unsplash

Summer is here ushering rights and desires! ’Tis the season of love and hankering. It is time to be outside strutting our stuff in the charming weather.

Hence, the birds are singing, and the bees are buzzing. I do not think we have a mating season. Yet humans are part of nature. We can overdo many things in life.

At any rate, I glance out at the sidewalk, grow distracted and stare. My inability to stop focusing on the distraction is common this time of year. Though, my psychologist calls it an obsession originating in adolescence.

The problem is my…

Please Text Me When You Arrive

Photo by Kyle Cottrell on Unsplash

I do not know what to anticipate after I pass.

Does anyone know, care, or have an idea?

Do warmth, affection, and affirmation greet you?

Shall I discover bliss?

Does nothingness await?

I am told much unfathomable bounty awaits us.

But, that only adds to the greatest of all mysteries.

Near-death experiences (NDEs) sound fascinating.

The notion of being welcomed upon returning to my heavenly home.

The overwhelming embodiment of passion.

Astonishing acceptance.

To be understood, not judged, but prized more than gold.

The exhilaration of everything in life giving birth to genuine purpose.

To comprehend and acknowledge how we…

Skippy von Alte Welt

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