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A gent inspired by the Republic of Letters is he, educated in Holland, Heidelberg, and U.S. universities. He’s a lover of life, family, nature, and editors.

Your Brief Reminder From Me, Skippy, to You, of What Trolls Do

Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

Hello my wonderful friends and readers!

I have an open mind to varied thoughts, opinions, and imaginations. God knows I am so blessed reading your stories and interacting with you on the Medium platform! However, others (trolls) may have been trolling you and showing anything but appreciation for your creations. You may have gotten a bad vibe from them and not known what hit you or why. Allow me to help.

I was trolled, felt deeply hurt, and quit writing. But, after learning about trolls and their behavior, I felt better equipped to reenter the wonderful world of writing.

Trolls are opportunists


When You’re Told to Coverup, You, And Your Body, Suffer Shame – Adam and Eve Had No Laundry

Image by Malik Skydsgaard on Unsplash

Trigger alert: Arts humanities and social sciences with nude artifacts

So, let me get this straight

There is a country, on our planet, that glorifies hellacious human body dismemberment, mass murder of men women an children, and other insane acts of violence and destruction?

Where kids of all ages watch it all 24/7 and ignore the ratings (if they have a rating)?

Where sponsors pay big bucks to associate their company brands with these shows?

– But –

If a nip, pecker, or vag come into view…

There will be Hell to Pay!!! …

How to Know This is a Factual Story — We Could’ve Grabbed Two of the Orbs as They “Played” — You Can Ask Me Any Question

Photo by Justin Clark on Unsplash

Trigger Alert: Unbelievable to those who deny the existence of objects out of this world. Cultural appropriation due to lack of understanding of alien culture.

Varied colored spheres played with us three brothers on our way home.

1960s, Main Street, Shiremanstown, PA

It was the mid-1960s in a small Pennsylvania town. I and my brother were elementary school age and playing in a field next to our house, baby brother in tow.

We lived at the edge of town in the last house on Main Street. It was the first time we had taken our one-year-old kid brother with us to play.

Heading out

We had finished…

How They Bend You Over to be Screwed in the End

Photo by Hernan Sanchez on Unsplash

I am riding nutso corporate culture all the way!

I sleep in late.

I snooze at my desk.

I snore on the phone.

I doze off in meetings.

I am asleep on my feet.

My boss spent long hours doing my job and died of a heart attack.

I schlepped my slumbering body up.

My next unfortunate supervisor went into the asylum after going nuts doing my work every day.

I was pushed up.

The new manager berated my tardiness daily and left after rumors that we had a lover’s quarrel.

I strode up.

The next leader overloaded my coworker with my work till she turned around and went…

Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night (Saint Rémy, June 1889) — This faithful two-dimensional reproduction of this public domain work of art is authorized as so presented. Photo on (

Your Overlooked Expanse is Always There For You

Dreamy Hallmark Hunky Hero For You at Your Door

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Settle in on your cozy couch

You can afford to slouch

Amazon is delivering your hunk and his pouch

He is your ideal man, your heartfelt dream

Fresh off your cable TV screen

But till now, like Bigfoot, he never had been seen

He is new to town

Never carries a frown

He’s an instant hit with the kids as he clowns around

But he is serious at the same time

Always there to hand out a dime

He cleans you off when your face is covered in slime

He is an angelic and skilled lumberjack

Always appears when needed…

You Must Recognize the Law as Man’s Creation, Man Driven

Photo by Adrien Delforge on Unsplash

How many lawyers do you need to keep abreast of laws in your life? Answer: Innumerable

Legal Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. No legal advice is given. This is an opinion piece on society.

Some things are unavoidable

There are tons of laws, of which we are uninformed. Yet, we “must” know every one of them, including potential applications and exploitations of each by anybody in power, in any conceivable situation, both now and in the future. “Ignorance is never an excuse,” in any law-abiding land.

That sounds daunting, doesn’t it? …

You and Your 2021 Blazing Rays Scorching Your Summer Days

June 23, 2021 Unaltered Photo by Author

Impossible you say?

Our Moon looking like our Sun during the day

Setting fire to the sky as it orbits along its way

Might our Moon knock off the frozen face of Mount Rainier Below?

Will the blazing sky melt the mountain’s glacial ice and snow?

Or, will it all throw and flow when the volcano makes its next big blow?

Washington sky, prophetic, muting crows caw

Fire moon behind crimson expanse, inexhaustible and tall

Mount Rainier’s glaciers stream cool sustainment relished by all

Marked savage weather and drought, upon the Earth doth gnaw

When heat suffers ancient glacial steeps…

A Special Place Where You Can Escape

Photo by Author

Escape to your cottage in the woods is an option

I never had one, but I prayed I would

Maybe I could build it, and friends said I should

So, nature’s secluded tiny bed, bid a delicate plow

Luckily, the county said, “Okay, that we’ll allow”

It was a learning curve, which I do enjoy now

Society kept at bay

No hearing what they say

It’s the breeze swaying the trees I enjoy all day

Have you taken rest here?

No human is near

My trusting fox and deer

Skippy von Alte Welt

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