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Writer, poet, soldier, philosopher, dad, retiree. Lover of humor, imagination, creativity, freedom, intelligence, and satire. Mysterious comic, not sex symbol.

Grab a fresh tissue and a prescribed Xanax

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Did you ever start reading a piece because you took the crafty title bait? Who of us hasn’t at one time? We fall for it over and over. I do every day!

Sadly, some stories are no longer in circulation. But fear not, you are in luck, as we DO have all of the titles!

I hope you enjoy these gems, and please highlight and tell me which title grabs you:

1. The Sex Life of Elderly Amazon Women Worm Charmers Immediately Following The Hunt

2. Man is Gender Confused, Living in Women’s Locker Room for a Year Without Any…

But letters suck

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Don’t you hate it when someone makes a comment that you don’t like? The remark can be in passing or quite intentional and direct. Whatever the case, call me old school, I prefer to hear these unfavorable statements with my ears, not via my eyes.

So, please don’t bother emailing, texting, or writing in any form, any words or word combos that I may not agree with or not like. Just give me a call, or knock on my door instead. There it is, two old boy — not, ‘Good ol’ boy’ — options.

Anyway, the world would be better…

Squatch is sensitive, not a freak-show

Statue of Bigfoot walking outside
Credit: Bloodyboppa; Shawnee National Forest, Illinois, USA. From Wikimedia Commons, free media repository

Bigfoot could not stop giggling until he broke free of my weak grasp and escaped, light of foot. I found him hiding behind a grand old oak tree as he was looking away from me. I neared quietly and tagged him.

“Damn!” Bigfoot cries, “I guess I’m buying, again, and I have a lot to learn at tag and tickle-fights.”

We kick a stone back and forth like a soccer ball till we arrive, and he opens the Main Street Soda Shop door.

“Skippy, you are my only friend. Sorry for stepping on you.”

Well, you are the tallest student…

You are motivational and I love reading your work, thank you!

Man standing next to motorcycle, wearing motorcycle helmet, and holding up a sign overhead that reads, “Thank You.”
Image by Benjamin Suter via Unsplash

I am new to Medium, and a novice. I have learned a lot about life since reading your stories.

You lift my spirits, help me learn, and open my mind to fresh perspectives.

You are my world of wonder worthy of exploration.

I have lost some followers too. That is not bad. Visitors tickle me, and I am grateful and honored to have enjoyed their stroll through my stories.

Most importantly, I feel a connection with you!

Thanks for reading!

Skippy von Alte Welt

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I get more joy out of seeing your shared success. I honestly do!


The Wonder of Essence

Public Domain Photo of Movie Poster on Heads Down Two Thumbs Up

Life, like memorable poetry, is brief.

Life is full of great questions.

There is little time for excessive formality.

What are our lessons left unlearned?

Do we try to live our lives through others?

Do we feel trapped in a career path?

Are words a meaningful product giving life?

Relating is a dance of wonder worth living.

Love oneself, others, and the world in which we do find ourselves.

— May this film usher peace and acceptance to you as it has to me.

Thanks for reading!

Skippy von Alte Welt

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I love ‘em

Image credit: Bharathi Kannan on Unsplash

When my life is sad I need pics of pups

Nothing less will pick me up

When my friends see me in a slump

They say, what’s up?

And then they show me a pic of a pup in cup

If you show at my door with a bone to pic

Hold it out like ol’ Saint Nick

And my pup will bust out a cute trick

Whatever you do

Bring a bone or two

And puppy will be happy to chew with you

Sunday mornings after we leave our church pew

Parishioners are true to forgive his doo doo

Kim turns kids’ milk money into nuke dough

Photo by Aleks Marinkovic on Unsplash

‘The Great Leader,’ dolled up.

The situation is so sad that all we are left with is the dramatic duality of laughter and tears. Nobody sincerely cares.

As a regular writer on this platform today, I wish I could make this a happy and amusing piece from beginning to end. But, eventually we need to bring in the picnic blanket and close the shutters.

Should I wish rainbows and gumdrops upon a foreign nation’s leadership out to destroy us. …

God help us all

Image credit Flavien on Unsplash

I was used and turned into an unwitting sex object

Police and Interpol will put the perv away for life

What the heck happened?

Well let me tell you…

Some freak took a pic of me off my FB page

It was an honest everyday pic

Capturing the day of my college graduation

She — I know it was an old girlfriend — got angry

She was scorned when I refused to lose my virginity

So why am I upset?

Because she went full pervy chick-porn on me

She altered my online pic!

It was more than a simple crop…


That’s why we are here

A couple stroll over an arched bridge into the tropical sunset with their small dog.
Photo by Shea Rouda on Unsplash

Love takes very little energy

We relax and allow love to flow through us to others

Love is our spirit’s comfort we flee to

That dream that we see with our guiding eye


That is an energy schlepping draining fate

Hate won’t get anyone a second date

But love is always there for us everywhere

Our lives are a flowing song our essence sings

No hiding our power and passion that rings

We come from love and therein we do return

Us being treated fairly is nice but doesn’t matter

We are all the same regardless of flatter


More action than a hunk can handle

Photo by Jens Lindner on Unsplash

Women need men who listen

I nodded my head and it made them glisten

Gave them what they’ve been missin’

It was not my plan

I’m sure you’ll understand

I was just being a human, a man

They missed their bliss

It wasn’t a kiss

But the ear of a man they missed

We men are doers

Not wimps but movers

To sit and listen was for ‘losers’

But women are communicators

Not seeking debaters

Unfulfilled by earless dictators

So I come along

Not very strong

Listening as they tell me I belong

I say nothing

I do nothing


Skippy von Alte Welt

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